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Gamers are extremely particular when it comes to the kind of peripherals they use, and more often than not, they would want to find any means possible to gain an advantage over their opponents, chiefly looking into the kind of hardware that they use first. After all, skill tends to play second fiddle among newbies, as they would prefer to brag about the kind of equipment that they have. Of course, when you move up the food chain, you would come up with different ways of playing a particular map or employing various strategies, and hardware, while important, is a secondary factor to consider.

For folks who are on the lookout for another piece of gaming hardware – a gaming mouse in particular, have yet a different option to consider, although it does not hail from the hallowed halls of Razer and Logitech this time around. Genius, a lesser known manufacturer, is putting up their Genius Maurus Professional Gaming Mouse for all and sundry to give it a go. Just what kind of hardware does it pack? Let us take a closer look at it in the extended post.

For starters, the Genius Maurus Professional Gaming Mouse will target FPS and RTS gamers, others such as Minesweeping office drones and MMORPG gamers can give this a pass. There are 5 programmable buttons in total, not to mention on-board memory that enables you to store your settings so that you need not reconfigure the game controls itself each time you plug your mouse into a new computer.

Not only that, there are four DPI settings to choose from – 450/900/1800/3500, and with a built-in 20 grams of weight, it allows you to play around with the “feel” of the mouse, as some games might require you to move your mouse faster without having to worry about accuracy, while weight adds stability to your hand’s movement for those precise moments. To make things a whole lot cooler, Genius has also thrown in a lighting system that illuminates the scroll wheel and logo.

The Genius Maurus Professional Gaming Mouse will come with a rubber coating finish for non-slip grip, retailing for $49.99 a pop.

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