LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock


When it comes to iPhone as well as iPod docks, they are more or less dime a dozen. I am quite sure that you have seen your fair share of them, and very rarely do any of them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Well, perhaps when you hear about the LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock, things might change from your perspective. For starters, this is the idea of Mike and Ellie Kemery, where the latter is an industrial designer and experienced design strategist for brands including Nike, T-Mobile USA, and Under Armour amongst others.

With the LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock hailing from their collective brainstorming efforts, you can be sure that it is going to garner more than just simple attention from the masses. Made from high quality materials and specially designed to charge and amplify the sound up to 10db, the LIL KIKR is an attempt at bringing the house down in a highly portable and functional form factor.

It will come with a simple, clean design in order to match the Apple aesthetic, using premium aircraft grade aluminum and steel, resulting in the LIL KIKR being a strong and stable dock that will play nice with the following iOS-powered devices – the iPod nano 3G, iPod 6G, iPod touch, iPhone 3/3G and iPhone 4/4S. There are non-slip rubber caps located on the back and bottom of the dock, and since the LIL KIKR has been described as “a strong and stable dock”, it should be able to prevent the iPhone or iPod from wobbling or sliding across a table as it pumps out those tubthumpin’ tunes of yours.

Not only that, the LIL KIKR+ comes with a foam pad support back for maximum stability. It is a snap to tote the LIL KIKR around whenever you need to head off for your travels somewhere, since it can fit into just about any purse or laptop bag without adding much bulk. The LIL KIKR was designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S without a case, while the LIL KIKR+ offers the form factor of a more versatile dock which will fit the latest generation iPod or iPhone, whether it has a case or not.

You can choose from red, black or silver colors for the LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+.

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