Aqua iPhone Case


There is one thing that electronics absolutely hate – and that would be mixing it up with water. Well, unless someone comes up with a waterproof device right from the production lines, you would pretty much have to take the proactive effort to take good care of your electronic device to make sure it does not end up sleeping with the fishes. The next time you head to the beach or pool and wished you could have recorded some videos or snapped some photos, make sure you have the £19.95 Aqua iPhone Case in tow.

As the name suggests, the Aqua iPhone Case will be able to ensure your iPhone remains free from water, sand, dust and snow, letting you have your fair share of fun, shooting photos and videos without worrying about drowning your device. It boasts of a transparent, touch-sensitive perspex skin that lets you access the touchscreen display, while protecting it from the elements.

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