Keypad Hidden Time Watch


Now here is a timepiece that would definitely get people thinking when they take a look at your wrist – after all, the $99.99 Keypad Hidden Time Watch is far different from what we have seen so far, where it will tell the time in either the 12 or 24 hour format, depending on what floats your boat, alongside the date. You can opt for either black or ivory shades – I would go for the former simply because it would mean an easier time to keep it “clean”, as you would find it far harder to spot flaws on a dark surface than something which is light colored.

This quirky watch is a surefire conversation starter, as it resembles a small 10-key number pad on your wrist. Most folks who ask you for the time will be perplexed as you show them the Keypad Hidden Time Watch. Actually, to read the time is a snap, all you need to do is push any of the number keys, and the time will light up a single digit at the time.

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