Permoveh wheelchair does its jig sideways and diagonally


You know something? Wheelchairs are something that most of us take for granted when we see one – after all, just how much more technology can be infused into the wheelchair? Certainly lighter materials would go a long way in helping it be far more mobile than normal, but it more or less have moved in the same way all these years – front and back, while turning to the left and right requires some hand power to do so. Of course, we have yet to reach the levels of Professor Xavier with his telepathic-powered ride, but at least Komori Masaharu, an associate professor from Kyoto University, has come up with a spanking new wheelchair that is called the Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle).

What makes Permoveh special? For starters, it is nowhere near a regular wheelchair in terms of looks, and is capable of doing what other wheelchairs are unable to do – thanks to the wheel-in-wheel system, it is capable of traveling diagonally as well as laterally. The whole idea behind Permoveh is to offer wheelchair users access to places where they previously were unable to go.


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ralf Says: December 4, 2013 at 9:24 am

I have seen something like that around 1997 in China. Their wheelchair could go sideways and turn on the spot.

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