Metal detector knows the amount of cash you are carrying


When it comes to psychics, surely you must have wondered just what kind of sorcery they are involved in that allows them to “peer” into the minds of others, figuring out just how and what other people are thinking. For folks who have nothing but money in their mind at all times, this is even worse, considering how pyschics would then know how to wring out the insane amounts of cash from you after you consult them about your future.

Good thing technology has finally caught up with the arcane arts, where this unique metal detector is capable of detecting as well as count the number of concealed banknotes in your wallet – especially those that has been printed with magnetic inks. I guess this has plenty to do with the urban legend that security strips available in US banknotes can be tracked down by metal detectors – which is not true since those strips themselves are made out of plastic. Ah well, urban legends tend to have a tendency to grow out of hand, but we will look closer at actual, real world technology instead.

The magnetic inks used do see action in vending machines these days, where the mechanism inside will verify the authenticity of a single note, although physicists Christopher Fuller and Antao Chen at the University of Washington in Seattle figured out that large bundles of notes would contain enough magnetic material to be detected from a distance, which might eventually help police to catch folks who want to smuggle insane amounts of (often illegal) cash across the border.

The standard handheld metal detector works just fine in detecting a dollar bill from 3cm away, while placing the notes under the perceived shield of plastic, cardboard and cloth failed to block the signal in any way. Apart from that, throwing in further bills in $5 increments will increase the strength of the signal, making it is extremely possible to count the number of bills. It would be a wee bit impossible to convert it into the actual dollar value, since the amount of magnetic ink remains the same regardless of denominations.


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