Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab


Boba Fett – he sure as heck has his fair share of fans as well as detractors, and if you happen to fall under the former group, then you might very well be interested in what ThinkGeek has to offer with the $19.99 Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab. This might be just the tool to have your little one get interested in learning about propulsion, as the world’s favorite bounty hunter has a thing or two to teach us about science. You will be able to learn about rock design, trajectories, and aerodynamics with this Star Wars science kit.

The Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab is capable of sending Boba Fett up to 50 feet in the air using but a single stomp of your foot. I guess you have finally stumbled upon a way to carefully place those temper tantrums in a beneficial way, n? You can perform various launch experiments by sending Boba Fett with jetpack off, without a jetpack, or even sans Boba.

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