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I remember my Grandfather always walking around with a little penknife, and I cant tell you how many times that little sucker came in handy, as a screwdriver, gum scraper, twig cutter or maybe even a strawberry huller or banana slicer. He always had it with him, and I still have it today.

It seems as though folding knives have been around for a very long time, nothing was too unique about them and they havent changed much at all, but let me introduce you to the Cardsharp, this little credit card sized folding knife is much thinner, lighter, and due to its use of surgical stainless steel for the blade, much sharper than Grandpa’s old knife.

The Cardsharp looks just like a credit card and easily stores in your purse or wallet. With Three simple folding operations its easy to change Cardsharp from credit card size to a super sharp utility knife in a quick paper airplane style fold. Check out the video here.

The Cardsharp was originally designed to be used in first aid and survival kits, and because they can be re-folded, they were also able to be disposed of without the need of sharps containers. As they evolved into a product used by the general population, you can find them in the utility kits of gardeners, cooks, handymen, fishermen and grandfathers everywhere. (but I’m thinking, don’t try to take it on a plane!) The Cardsharp also has a built in safety sheath that prevents blunting and a lock mechanism thats adds to your safety both when opened and closed.

The Cardsharp 2 can be yours for about about 25 bucks from


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