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I decided to go through the boxes in my basement, which usually ends up leading to some pretty interesting discoveries. On this day in particular I came across a box filled with my old cassette tapes, I was excited to browse through the titles, remembering my past, feeling young again… until my daughter showed up and asked me what the heck “cassettes” were, rotten kid.

Well, the guys over at  Sharper Image remember what cassettes are, and they introduce us to a device that gets your favorite memories off the reel and onto your computer into MP3 format where it belongs! This nifty little tape converter will allow you to transfer and format all your dusty old cassette tapes so you can listen to them on your computer, or even burn them to CD.

Not only can you transfer your old music collection to your computer, iTunes or disc, you can listen to the Cassette Tape Converter as a handheld USB tape player directly through your stereo, headphones or other speaker system.  So go ahead and load the files onto your portable music player, or record them onto a CD and listen in your car. Just make sure you tell your kids that cassettes are all the rage, and will probably replace CDs some day, you know they deserve it.

The Cassette Player and Converter is completely portable, operates on two AA batteries, connects to your computer via USB and is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista. The Cassette Player and Converter is available at  for under 50 bucks.

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Harinder Singh Says: March 14, 2012 at 7:40 am

What is the model/make for this product?

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