Scrabble Prestige


Back in my younger days, a Gold credit card was the bomb – fast forward to today, and that is just an entry level credit card, followed by the Platinum version which is a step up, while the Visa Infinite card is the stuff of dreams that high income earners hope to have in their wallets. Well, I guess the same kind of “upgrade” mentality applies to different items in life as well, with Scrabble Prestige being one of them. This £69.99 take on the beloved classic word boardgame is definitely far more refined than the normal version, which I will explain below.

You can call it – splendiferous, exemplary, extravagant, or lush, there are just so many ways to make good use of your word power with Scrabble Prestige. Coming in a mahogany box, this beautifully-finished set has a rotating game board courtesy of a raised grid, allowing tiles to remain once you have placed them. While you wait to play your turn, the wooden racks is the place for your tiles to lounge upon, while the tile bag comes in velvet for that added touch of royalty.

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