iPound Stylus


Folks might think that you might have lost a screw or two when they see you dabbling around with the $9.99 iPound Stylus all over your iPad 2’s display. After all, who the heck in their right mind would actually use a nail as a stylus, especially on something as expensive as an iPad? Glad to know that the iPound Stylus is slightly different from the rest, as it just resembles a nail, but actually, it doubles up as a stylus. You will not be able to hammer this into the wall and hang a picture with it though, as it probably isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of a picture frame, let alone withstand the blow of a hammer. Time to be a troll not only at the workplace, but in the public as well. You might as well carry some marbles around and tell people you’ve lost a couple of them…

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