PooPrints – Tells you Who’s Poo?


Dog poop. Yuck, I mean, I love a cute canine as much as the next guy and there’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. Coming home from work and having your best buddy so happy to see you, nothings better than that. I don’t mind picking up after MY dog, but scraping poop off my flip flops because someone else was lazy in their pet maintenance… that’s not only disgusting, its unforgivable.

Well, some apartment complexes and other managed communities have decided to fight back by enlisting the aid of PooPrints, a company that tracks down the offending pooper using genuine DNA technology. Seriously? I like it!

It works something like this, as a condition of keeping a pet at your apartment, you agree to have your pets gums swabbed (just like on CSI) and his DNA profile is saved to a database associated with your complex. If a poo pile is found on-site, then using a waste collection kit, a sample is obtained and sent to the lab, in 5 to 10 days the genetic profile from the waste can be matched to the offending pet and VOILA! The party pooper is busted. No word yet on how they handle chain of custody concerns.

Anyway, the PooPrints DNA collection kit contains enough materials to swab 5 of your furry friends for registration and the waste evidence collection kits handle 5 submissions to the lab, each set costs around 50 bucks. Since the cost can be absorbed by pet fees or non-refundable pet deposits, it could make your next apartment experience a real walk in the park. For more information visit www.PooPrints.com


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