CD Direct digitizes music to MP3 format


I don’t know about you, but purchasing an audio track in the MP3 format still does not beat the feeling of holding a physical CD in hand, be it an album or a single. After all, we humans are physical creatures, so to live in a physical world with representations in the form of objects are still easier to grasp than something virtual. Of course, when you take environmental issues into consideration, we are better off without CDs, but that is another story for a different day. Here is a machine for CD and vinyl collectors to consider preserving their music in a more flexible format – the MP3 file. The £249.99 CD Direct is not only capable of converting vinyls onto a CD, but it will also be able to convert vinyls into MP3 directly.

Even better is the built-in speaker that is thrown into the mix, letting you enjoy your vinyls as you rip them. Alternatively, you can also opt to give your vinyl a jump up the tech tree by one notch – that is, to convert whatever is on your vinyl to CD format. Talk about giving your ancient collection of music a new lease of life!

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Microfiche Says: February 24, 2012 at 9:40 am

The plural of vinyl is vinyl.

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