iPad 3 set for March 7 launch?


Apple truly changed the way we looked at tablets with the release of their iPad, and I would safely venture out to say that the iPad proved to be the death knell for netbooks. After all, how many folks do you know still tote around netbooks with the tablet market growing so rapidly? Of course, the same can be said for the smartphone industry when Apple’s iPhone arrived back in 2007, rapidly changing the way we see multi-touch surfaces on a portable device.

Having said that, the iPad as well as its sequel, the iPad 2, proved to be quite the retail hit, helping Apple achieve record quarterly profits – not to mention having their stock touch the $500 mark recently, marking a new high for Cupertino. Needless to say, Apple is not going to just rest on their laurels, and have been hard at work at the next generation iPad which we will just call it the iPad 3 at the moment. With so many rumors flying around, one of them has received plenty of attention – which is, its release date. It seems that Wednesday, March 7 will be the historic moment when the iPad 3 is introduced to the masses at an event in San Francisco.

Not only that, there are rumors going around that the iPad 3 will see a higher resolution screen than its predecessors, with Sharp’s IGZO panel purportedly being the one that your eyes will meet when you unwrap and power on the iPad 3 for the first time. Apart from that, there is also the possibility of 4G connectivity for US high-speed networks being thrown into the mix. Other rumors claim a quad-core processor – which is a vast improvement over the dual-core A5 processor that we see in the current iPad model.

It would be interesting to see how developers react to the iPad 3 when it arrives – no doubt that droves of the current batch would hope not to have to convert their software and apps to accommodate the higher resolution display, as it seems that the increased screen resolution would just affect the apparent detail level of images. Would you side with the iPad, or make the jump to an Android-powered tablet?


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Mary Says: February 18, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Will people be able to trade in iPad 1 or ipad2 for iPad 3

Kathy Says: March 7, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Will they improve the durability of the glass. Mine cracked the first week i had it when it fell from coffee table, two feet, onto carpet. Yes, it had on a protective plastic shell on the back and the magnetic cover over face…it still cracked where it hit on its corner. I want to buy multiples for students to use, but feel they are too fragile.

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