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All parents, I am quite sure of this, do have their secret hope on what their kids will grow up to be, and our role in childrens’ lives would be to make sure they end up as responsible citizens who pursue their dreams to the fullest. One of the ways to figure out what one’s strengths and weaknesses are would be through exploration, so when your young ‘un is still malleable enough, why not open him or her up to different disciplines? With the $5.99 Simplest Motor, you can introduce the world of engineering to those who are interested or have a penchant in this discipline.

This toy might be extremely cheap, but it imparts one very important lesson – to learn up the basics of building a motor. It will comprise an outer body, a magnet, and some copper wire, where the complete set of instructions are within including several experiments to pique one’s curiosity even further. You will need to purchase a D battery on your own though, and hone your DIY skills as you pursue the quest of making the perfect motor.

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