Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Vault


Mass Effect 3 is not going to be released so soon, but that does not mean the hype surrounding the game has not led to plenty of interest? There are many people out there who cannot wait to see what Mass Effect 3 brings to the table in terms of gaming experience, as well as the different plots that unfold with each choice that one makes. Well, Calibur11 intends to whet your appetite ahead of the game not by releasing a spoiler, but rather, through the introduction of its Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Vault that will cater for the Xbox 360 S and the PS3 Slim.

Now up for pre-order, this unique vault will transform your beloved console into a Commander Shepard textured chest piece, coupled with a dual-mode LED N7 logo which lights up, while the Mass Effect 3 Vaults will ship with exclusive downloadable content for the title that cannot be found anywhere else – we are talking about the N7 Valkyrie rifle and defender armor. There will only be 25,000 of these puppies that roll off the production line, so you can tell that these will go fast! The Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Vault will cost you $89.99 a pop as it ships on March 1st.

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