SKLZ Jimmy Ball


If you think that you are able to play footie better than Fernando Torres or Andy Carroll, then you might want to make sure you get in as much practice as possible, so why not start with the £19.99 SKLZ Jimmy Ball? It will allow you to juggle the ball better in the long run, since a miss would not leave you scampering after the wayward ball. Not only that, you need not restrict yourself to playing in an enclosed and cramped area, as the SKLZ Jimmy Ball comprises a wearable leash for your football. All you need to do is loop it around your arms, and you are then able to practice juggling, volleys, cheeky backheels, headers, and even chest traps without missing a beat, and not having to worry about the ball bouncing off elsewhere and breaking someone’s window or special bone china collection. It comes with its own size 5 ball, and is said to improves coordination, agility, skill and concentration in a single device. Look out Torres, you might be on the bench longer than you think!

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