Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade


Most of us would think that the ordinary wiper blade is good enough to get the job done – that is, ensuring the windshield is clean of debris whenever it rains, or if a pigeon or two decide to poop on your car. Well, the $16.95 Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade goes the extra mile in a sense that this patented wiper blade is capable of scrubbing through windshield debris when the situation calls for it, leaving a clear, streak-free view of the road so that your vision will not be betrayed by something as simple as some bird poop that strategically landed right in front of your eyes.

Common windshield wipers tend to smear and obstruct your field of vision, but this patented wiper will use dual blades, where the outer edges will boast of hundreds of tiny triangular scrubbers which are more than capable of completely removing bugs, bird droppings, frost, and dirt within a couple of passes. As for the inner edges of the blades, these will function by channelling water and debris off the windshield, so that you are always greeted by a clean, unhindered view.

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