Training Wheels Eliminator


One of the joys of parenting would be to be there when your little one grows up, handling different stages accordingly – it is basically a learning process. Kids these days might lean more towards video games as their entertainment mode of choice, and I would strongly suggest exposing your progeny to more physical based activities like hiking, flying a kite, and even riding a bicycle. Of course, there is that initial fear period to overcome as balancing on two wheels seems impossible for a kid, and this is where training wheels come in. For parents who want to make do away with training wheels, you can always install the Training Wheels Eliminator.

This gyroscopic bicycle wheel will teach children to ride a bike without training wheels, where you replace a bike’s front wheel with it, sporting an internal, powered gyroscope that spins independently in order to generate a force (gyroscopic precession) that stabilizes the bicycle. Whenever the rider starts to topple over due to a loss in balance, the gyroscope precesses, or turns, while guiding the handlebars in the right direction of the fall in order to maintain stability. This encourages kids to lean improperly away from a fall, while preventing them from developing incorrect riding habits.

You can choose from 12″ and 16″ models which retail for $99.95 and $139.95, respectively.

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