Stationary Epicycle


Shed those pounds that have strangely made an appearance around your waist after the recent festive season of feasting without having to leave the comfort of your home – and this also means rain or shine, you can still get your daily dose of exercise in, not to mention doing so while you watch your favorite sitcom on TV at the same time. The Stationary Epicycle will not come cheap though at $12,000 a pop, and it might actually be more worth your while trading that amount for say, 10 years of membership at a reputable gym? For those who have the cash to spare, the Stationary Epicycle is self-describing – it will not go anywhere when you hop on it and start working those muscles, but rather relies on an epicyclic transmission and magnetic resistance to provide intensive spinning workouts.

Inspired by 19th-century monowheels, the Stationary Epicycle boasts dual-satellite transmission that can turn a single pedal revolution into four flywheel rotations, which means someone spinning at 100 rpms causes the flywheel to spin at 400 rpms. As the flywheel engages the cycle’s 36″ diameter copper ring, half a dozen magnets which are installed around the ring’s enclosure will work in tandem to generate a magnetic field in order to deliver up to 12 levels of resistance that are controlled by a touchscreen display. Definitely a calorie burner, this – and also a wallet bustin’ purchase for most.

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