Instant Flat Tire Sealer And Inflator


I have gone through my fair share of flat tires in the past 10 years since getting my license, and it is always a hassle to take out the replacement tire. Soiling my hands is not an issue, but to sweat in the tropical heat at the side of a dusty road while jacking up the car? That, I absolutely loathe. Still, an electronic jack would be useful, and just in case no motor workshops are open during that day, or I happen to be stranded in some backwater area, the $59.95 Instant Flat Tire Sealer And Inflator would definitely come in handy after some hard driving.

This device is capable of patching and inflating a flat tire in just 10 minutes, and you do not even need to lift the car or remove the tire. After all, it has a built-in compressor that pumps air and the included sealant through the flat tire’s air valve, making sure the tire is patched and inflated at the same time. Using a patented water-based nano-fiber sealant, it is capable of patching holes up to 1/4″ wide and a built-in pressure gauge will let you know whether the tire has been inflated to its optimal air pressure. Just bear in mind that this is not a permanent solution – it is recommended that you replace your patched tires, as they can be driven up to 125 miles.

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