Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset


For those of you who do have a passing interest in each new model of a particular Bluetooth headset or device, here is something that might tickle your fancy – the Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset, which is touted to be the first of its kind that will come with Active Noise Cancellation technology which will work in tandem with Noise Blackout 3.0 & Wind-Noise Reduction technology. Having said such a mouthful, all those technological wonders crammed inside does seem as though you are able to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini at top speed with the window or top down, while talking to your wife and she thinks you are at a library.

I guess the only way to find out would be to try that for myself, and the easy part is procuring the Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset, as the exotic sports car is another matter altogether – not in this lifetime, anyways. Touted to be the most advanced Bluetooth mono headset in the world (as at press time anyways), Jabra’s SUPREME is said to deliver exceptional audio quality at both ends, making it the ideal accessory for heavy users of hands-free communication, no matter how noisy an environment they are in. I wonder just how much more effective the sound quality is like with the Jabra SUPREME compared to the Aliph Jawbone which works on a totally different principle.

The Jabra SUPREME will sport a black leather finish that is preferred by most users (according to Jabra, and I guess that they are right in some ways since most business-like tools and gadgets do come in that color), boasting a patented boom arm which ‘flips’, letting you power on and off by simply flipping the headset open and close. Combine this advanced design with a state-of-the-art adjustable ear hook as well as a wide selection of ear cushions, Jabra certainly intends to push this all the way, boasting that it is one of the most comfortable and easiest headset carrying solutions in the market. Throw in a 24mm speaker for powerful sound, and it would be music to your ears.

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