LED light in nostril glows with each breath taken


Ever threatened your parents when you were a kid, claiming that you would hold your breath until you turn blue if they do not give in to your demands? Chances are your parents would be able to win out in the end with their poker faces, while time and again, you give in as losing your life over an ice cream is just not worth the effort. This is one nifty gadget that will ensure whoever is contesting in a “hold your breath the longest” duel is not cheating – this device that was designed by Noda Akira features a tiny little LED light that will glow each time you breath. I would say that this is a very personal tool, since it is stuck right up your nostril, and sharing this does not sound like a very appealing (nor hygienic) idea at all. Apart from silly games, this device is also perfect to tell whether a person whom you have just rescued from the sea is alive. I wonder what kind of batteries this runs on…


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