Bodyguardz offers protection for the Amazon Kindle Fire

by Mark R

I have seen a a lot of interesting ways of protecting mobile devices. Some are simple screen protectors for the touchscreen, and others surround the mobile device itself, such as ZAGG’s Invisible Shield to really protect from dents and scratches.

Despite the fact it is getting some negative criticism, the Amazon Kindle Fire is finding its place in the tech community. It stands to reason that there would be protectors for them. BodyGuardz is now offering its protection for the Amazon Kindle Fire in several ways.

It has two kinds a scratch-proof screen protectors to provide protection from outside elements. As with most clear skin protectors of this type, it is custom-made for Amazon’s low-key iPad competitor. The ScreenGuardz not only provide protection, but stop glare as well. The Clear Skins also provide protection but are “optically clear to preserve its beauty and design”.

In addition to this type of screen protection, the company also has a Carbon Fiber Armor. This is made from strong PVC based film, and it is both “stylish and smooth to the touch”. The Armor reminds me of the Carbon Back Skin by id America that we reviewed before.

The Screenguardz are available on the Bodyguardz website for $15.95. The Clear Skin Screen Protectors are also available on the Bodyguardz website for about $29.95. The Armor Carbon Fiber for the Kindle Fire is available here for pre-order for the same price in three different colors of Black, White, and Red.

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Jesper Says: March 7, 2012 at 11:08 am

Kindle Fire is not available in my country yet, but when it will be available, it will buy the Carbon back skin.

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