Rocking And Rolling Elmo for this Christmas


Forget about tickling Elmo – here is the $79.95 Rocking And Rolling Elmo from Hammacher that comes in an animatronic plush model, where he will actually play his very own instruments as well as make music with his vocal chords. Some of his musical equipment include a microphone, tambourine, and a couple of bongo drums. Not only that, he is smart enough to tell the difference between one and another whenever they are held near.

Apart from that, he will also enthusiastically announce phrases such as “You have a microphone!” when you place the microphone in his right hand, and when the tambourine is located in his left, he will be polite enough to tell you, “Thank you”. With a repertoire of half a dozen songs, among them including “What Elmo Likes About You,” “Sing Out,” and “Elmo’s World”, each will result in him opening his mouth, while sashaying from side-to-side. Powered by half a dozen AA batteries, I would suggest you get rechargeables for the long run.

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