The PowerPod from Coalesse

by Mark R

Most people have power strips at their desks, and I am sure that some of you are rockin’ two strips at every outlet. The PowerPod is designed to clean up that row of outlets that look very ugly under the desk.

What makes the PowerPod different from the average power strip is that it is really made for the top of the desk and not under it. Somehow, putting all the plugs in a circle makes it look like a table for six at a fine restaurant instead of the cafeteria lunch bench.

In addition to the cool circular formation, it has an accessory tray that is good for holding pencils and pens. It caps on the PowerPod when not in use, so all the plugs are hidden. There is a video after the jump with more information on it.

The video has opened up my eyes to the obvious ideas about that need to be developed. I also had a good laugh at the guy trying to plug something in below a table and he just…falls. A better actor was needed for this role.

I have a suggestion for this company. Is there any way to put all the plugs on the edge of this thing, that way you could use the outlets and the tray at the same time? It is just a suggestion, one that I am certain is harder to build than it is to write.

If you are interested in the PowerPod in its current state, feel free to head to the Coalesse site and lay down about $99.

MINIMAL’s PowerPod for Coalesse from Scott Wilson on Vimeo.

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