Portal Bookends won’t help you read any faster


Sometimes, don’t you wish you had the power of opening portals at different points in and around your home? It would surely make shifting furniture a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to lugging that huge bed up the stairs carefully to make sure none of the paint around gets scraped off. Well, you can somewhat relive those moments in Portal with the $24.99 Portal Bookends that are made up of shiny and durable aluminum, sporting a subject who goes in as well as out of a portal.

These bookends feature a test subject at Aperture Science, where the left side indicates the test subject going through an orange portal, while the right side has the other half of the test subject making his way out of the blue portal. A non-slip rubber padding located at the bottom will make sure these bookends stay in place at all times, unless your collection of tomes is super heavy, leaning to one side in a lopsided manner. This is an officially licensed Portal collectible, so gaming fans might want to check it out.

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