These Earbuds from iFrogz Transport you elsewhere, audibly

by Mark R

In case you haven’t realized, the title of this particular posting is a pun. This is going to be an article about the Transport from iFrogz.

We have reviewed iFrogz products before, and we just did the Vertex Cushioned headphones. Those particular over-the-ear models come with a microphone built within, and it is apparently the new standard for headphones.

It also looks like it is the new standard for earbuds. The Transport has a microphone built right in the wire, and I have tested it out. It works, even though I had to hold it a little closer to my mouth than I wanted to. Too bad, as I wish the microphone would just hang near my neck.

Still, it is proof that the microphone is the new standard of headphone. I will proclaim it now, and whoever wants to quote me on it can do it now. This means that any headphones or earbuds that don’t have a microphone on them will soon be given the same antique credibility of a rotary phone.

I think it is appropriate that iFrogz has the symbol of three points and three lines on the side of the earbuds (check the image if you are confused as to what I refer to). To me, it symbolizes the two ears to hear and the one mouth for the microphone. Or it could be that it is the symbol is a frog’s foot, and well-suited for a company known as iFrogz.

Perhaps I am reading too much with my excitement of a microphone on every set of headphones and earbuds. If you want the Transport, you should be able to purchase them on the iFrogz site for about $39.99.

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Jacob Says: March 31, 2012 at 5:56 pm

I got these for 20 dollars. They were on sale on Ifrogz website. They sound on them was decent. They had clear highs good bass(though dont expect them to compare to beats tour in-ears) the mids were almost non-existent. The mic works well as it should. The cable is flat and “anti-tangle” not tangle free like the beats tours. The headphones look cool and look like they are built to last, but don’t pay more than $25 for these earphones.

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