Icon Solo Flashlight

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we reviewed the ICON Link, and I had a chance to review the ICON Solo, the dual-output LED Flashlight.

The ICON Solo flashlight is a different shape than the Link, as it is as long as a pen, but slightly thicker than a normal one. The power switch is a lot like a pen as well. You click for low output, release or click off, and then push or click on again within two seconds, for high output. The ICON Solo has a low lumen output of 5 and a high lumen output of 30. It has a total runtime of 50 hours.

The clip attachment makes it easy to carry, but doesn’t have the security of carabiner clip that the Link has. Like the Link, it has a high-strength aluminum body, and it is weatherproof as it is sealed with O-rings.

I am not certain how durable this thing, but it looks Maglite-worthy. As for the power, it requires two AAA batteries, which are included. You should be able to able to pick up the ICON Solo for about $24.99 MSRP on the Icon web site, but the least expensive I found is on Amazon for about $17.95.

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