The iPad game board GameChanger is a real…do I really need to say it?

by Mark R

I’m sure all of you remember when Steve Jobs announced that the iPad tablet was a “game-changer”. It was one of the highlights of his life, and it is fitting that Identity Games has made a product with that name.

The GameChanger comes with all the game pieces and a GameCharger cradle, with four game skins that can be placed on it. These skins are two different game themes of Animal Mania and The Magic School Bus. The pieces interact with the iPad, and the players spin a wheel on the iPad instead of using dice.

The Creative Director of Identity Games, Emile Kalis, says that “the Gamechanger is going to revolutionize traditional board game play”. In all honesty, I am surprised that I haven’t seen anything like this before. A lot of board games are optimized for the iPad anyway. Considering that the iPad screen is about four times smaller in area than most board game boards, it won’t be the same.

The GameChanger is available now at major retailers, at a price of $79.99. The apps that go along with it are free. Considering that I am not into Magic School Bus or Animal Mania, I won’t buy this. Perhaps if there were a Chutes and Ladders version, or some other famous game, I might be on board. Perhaps some of the major board game companies should take a hint from the GameChanger.

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