Tick Tock iPhone Alarm Clock


I must take my hats off to the traditional alarm clocks that tend to create quite a din in an effort to get you up and running to face a brand new day, but after a while, their incessant ringing might actually help you get out of bed – on the wrong side, unfortunately. Don’t you think it would be better if you could wake up to a tune of your choice, or perhaps even to your favorite DJ on a radio station? Why, with the advent of iPhone accessories, you are now able to do so – and what better way than to merge the old and the new in the form of the 59.99 Tick Tock iPhone Alarm Clock?

Sure, the Tick Tock iPhone Alarm Clock might come in its classic round face and twin bell design, but that doesn’t mean it will ring its way through the morning and make a pest of itself. No sir, it is a modern docking station that will hold your precious iPhone inside when you go to bed at night (while juicing it up at the same time, of course), sporting a couple of 360 omni-directional full-range speakers so that your ears (and perhaps your partner in bed) will wake up to rich, multi-directional sound.

Other features include a built-in FM radio, an LCD display for FM/aux/alarm/time/date functions, five preset alarms and time synchronization with your iDevice. Want a more conventional alarm clock setup? That can be accomplished by pivoting the dock out of the way.

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