Sound ID SIX Bluetooth Headset

by Mark R

With the advent of the iPhone 4S Siri, there are probably going to be more people talking to their phone than ever before. You might as well get yourself a good Bluetooth headset like the Sound ID SIX.

The SIX seems to take a cue from the Jawbone with its clear carbon design. The one button to activate the Voice Menu is located on the top, and it allows the user access to VoiceDial, BING 411, Google Voice, and other services. It also has three microphones which is helpful to block out background noise.

Like other Bluetooth headsets, it comes with an application. The user can access EarPrint 3.0 via iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android, and it allows you to access the features listed above. it also supports a variety of third-party applications like Bing411, Google Voice, and other Facebook-friendly applications like Voice-on-the-Go, Vlingo, and Jott.

Also helpful on the app are the SMS Text-to-Speech for Android devices, and there is even a terrific “Find my headset” feature. This is when you hit a button on your mobile device, which causes a high pitch to emit from the SIX. I don’t recommend doing this while having it in your ear. I didn’t try that, but I did try out the SIX and highly recommend it.

If this is something that is your speed, head over to the official website and lay down $129.99 for it.

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