Rechargeable Cordless Heated Insoles


Since those of us living in the northern hemisphere are about to feel winter’s cold fingers wrap around us pretty soon, it makes perfect sense to once again bring out all the winter wear in order to keep ourselves nice and warm despite the dipping mercury. For those who feel that the standard pair of wool socks are not enough, here is something which might go some way in helping warm you up from the inside – the $99.95 Rechargeable Cordless Heated Insoles.

The name itself gives the game away – but bear in mind that this will be very different from your typical heated insoles that sport cumbersome external battery packs. No sir, these heated insoles will instead be powered by undetectable, embedded rechargeable batteries. The insoles will come lined with wafer-thin lithium-ion cells and carbon fiber heating elements that are able to maintain a heat level from 88 F to 106 F so that your feet remain toasty warm for up to six hours.

Each purchase includes a key chain-sized wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature of the insoles to three different levels, in addition to turning them on or off, of course. Capable of molding to your feet in just a matter of hours, the six-layer design delivers a shock-absorbing, ergonomic polyurethane base and a layer of heat-retaining synthetic fabric. Any takers?

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