Condition One could change movies as we know it, provided you’re watching them on a tablet

by Mark R

Now that the tablet market has taken off with the advent of the iPad, more and more people are watching movies on a touchscreen. A group known as Condition One has decided to take advantage of this trend with a new form of cinematography.

Simply put, this new technology allows the user to interact with the movie by shifting the camera angle with a flick of a finger. As you can see in the video after the jump, the user finally gets a chance of seeing what is happening past the edge of the screen.

Not only that, the user can physically move their screen and see from a movie camera’s point-of-view. You will have to see that to believe it. It is especially poignant to see a film about Libya.

It looks like the technology uses some hemispherical camera to get multiple angles. Considering the market for 3D movies is pretty big now, I suppose this is the next logical step, at least for tablet viewing.

I welcome this technology as it creates a more active movie-watching experience. Now you can see a story from different points of view. The company even wants to make it so a documentary about a movie can play while you are watching a movie. Think of it as a video director’s commentary.

I am liking where this is going, and I would love to see the first full-length interactive tablet movie.

My Freedom Or Death – Condition ONE Beta from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.


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