City Lights Globe


We are all so busy that we sometimes forget to stop by and smell the roses. Or in the case of city folk, it would involve checking out the vibrant city life and feel its pulse. Well, perhaps there is another way to do so with this particular $89.99 City Lights Globe? Yes sir, the name itself says it all – this unique desktop accessory will allow you to literally view the earth at night from orbit, as it automatically rotates on its axis to show off day and night segments.

To put it in a nutshell, you need not be an astronaut to see the earth as it is from orbit, as the City Lights Globe will do a good enough job in illuminating the cities of the world. Of course, you might end up being mesmerized by its turning motion, wondering why didn’t you end up as an astronaut instead of being tethered behind the desk as an accountant? No offense to accountants, of course, but don’t you think an astronaut is far more adventurous and glamorous?

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