Motorized Inversion Table


Since we live in an era where most things are motorized or at least have some sort of robotics function built-in, don’t you think it makes sense to have a Motorized Inversion Table as well for fitness buffs? This rather unique inversion table will be able to gently recline and return to its upright position at the touch of a button. Just what benefits does inversion therapy bring to the table? For starters, it helps alleviate back pain through the decompression of the spine, helping relieve pressure on nerves as well as realign the ligaments that support the back.

There is also an adjustable rotation control to make sure you are able to achieve your ideal angle of incline, even being completely inverted if you will, in a single, smooth motion driven by the quiet motor. In addition to that, the vented, injection-molded plastic bed will further reduce friction in order for the body to readjust itself comfortably. Hammacher’s offering also throws in patented padded ankle closures to the mix so that your legs can be held securely. If you decide to go manual, just turn off the motor and you’re good to go.

The asking price? We’re looking at a rather hefty $1,500.

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