Umiushi Smapho 2800 rechargeable battery charger


You know how the land of Japan tends to come up with some rather quirky items from time to time? After all, we were introduced to vending machines that sell used panties for those who have a penchant of sniffing on stuff stronger than glue, not to mention having the in-the-flesh “social network” of sorts in the form of Cosplay long before Facebook came into being. Well, here is another cute addition (although not that weird, but rather, it is extremely functional and practical) to the “Made in Japan” list – the Umiushi Smapho 2800 – a rechargeable battery charger that caters for both Android and iOS-powered phones.

The beauty about the Umiushi Smapho 2800 would be the fact that it requires no external cables or adaptors, coming in roughly the size of your palm. Of course, one’s palm size is a variable factor, and since the target market of this feminine looking device would be for ladies aged between 20 to 40, then I would say it will be rather small especially for the men. Then again, I’m not quite sure which guy would want to tote this 2,800mAh battery around in such a design, as there is surely a more masculine model out there.

As plenty of chargers that are available out there at the moment do come with a range of adaptors and cables in order to be compatible with multiple mobile devices, the Umiushi Smapho 2800 takes the road less traveled by skipping all of that. After all, the moment you lose or forget your cable or adapter, the charger ends up as useless, which is why the Umiushi Smapho 2800 comes with a trio of built-in adapters so you will not have to worry about forgetting to pack that essential cable. The adapters in question? An iPhone/iPod dock connector, a micro USB adaptor for smartphones, and a USB plug for recharging purposes, all crammed into a single unit.

This non-cable charger has also a penchant for traveling worldwide since it is compatible anywhere around the globe, irrespective of voltage. PANS, the manufacturer behind the Umiushi Smapho 2800, apparently took a whole year to plan, design, mold, and manufacture the device. It will come in fire red, pearl white and ocean blue colors, where an integrated LED meter lets you see four levels of remaining battery power.

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