Stretch Screamers make Halloween more fun


So you’ve seen stress balls before (and perhaps used them), but how many of them will actually scream? Enter the 22.99 Stretch Screamers, where you will be able to choose from Mummy, Frankenstein or Ghoul characters. These are rubbery figures that will howl and moan whenever you give them a good stretch. Torturing the undead does not seem to be the wisest thing to do, no? After all, they can’t die, and who are we to say that they will not exact their revenge on you ala Chucky when you fall asleep?

Just like all other horror movies you’ve watched, these rubbery characters are full well able to take quite the beating, as they tend to come back for a whole lot more punishment after you’ve given your best shot. Even more realistic is this – each character will feature their very own pop out item, be it a brain or an eyeball. Of course, they will fall silent once the two AAA batteries inside run out of juice. These don’t run on human brains for sure!

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