Pivot Power Power Strip


You know something? Being a geek would mean you would have access to a plethora of gadgets and gizmos to play around with, but sometimes, that would also mean having more stuff to keep track of – such as the amount of power adapters and cables that you need to bring along with you each time you go out for a trip. Well, there is nothing quite like a power strip to make sure that everything has a place to be plugged in, but sometimes, the traditional power strips weren’t designed in a way to fit into tight places or accommodate giant adapters.

With the $29.99 Pivot Power Power Strip, this attractively designed piece of hardware is capable of fitting even giant adapters without losing a spot beside it. No longer do you need to grapple with the issue of unusable outlets, coaxing one thirsty gadget to hold on for just “one more bar of battery” as you place a higher priority on your smartphone to revive its flagging battery.

Six adjustable outlets attached to six feet of cord makes for a really cool power strip – I don’t expect to hear you having any more troubles with your gadget charging moments the next time you head out for a trip.

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