Pac-Man Wind Ups


Just how fast can Pac-Man go in the game? He’s not too quick on his non-existent feet as he somehow glides across the surface of the maze, and the equally feet-less ghosts are far more agile, gliding along swiftly in order to catch that pill munching yellow pie chart. Not until Pac-Man gets a whiff of the super pill though, that is when the tables are turned, albeit momentarily. If you want to simulate your own chasing sequence in the Pac-Man universe, might I interest you in the Pac-Man Wind Ups?

Comprising of Pac-Man and Blinky, they seem to be best friends here, where you wind them up and leave them on a large flat surface, seeing just who will end up eating the other. Of course, something tells me that the speed will be constant, so most of the time it will end up as a stalemate. Bummer – and don’t you think that it would be cooler if it could be rmeote controlled? Each wind-up will stand proud at 2″ tall, with a 1.5″ diameter to go along.

For some mindless fun at home or at the office, the Pac-Man Wind Ups can be yours for $9.99.

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