Click and Grow computerized plantpot


For the life of some of us, we can’t quite figure out how come we were born without green fingers, or if you’re a Smurf, you might say “blue fingers”. Well, if that is the case, you might want to give planting your crop of choice one last go after trying out all sorts of methods and devices – with the 49.99 Click and Grow computerized plantpot, of course. Where all else fails, why not take a more scientific and measured approach which might just work?

This is no ordinary plantpont, as it will not require you to water your plants or be involved in other forms of additional care. The seeds within are actually surrounded by internal sensors, while a microprocessor will work hard to figure out just what the plant needs and how much, using a specially written software. Even better is you need not purchase some top soil to get it all mucked up, but on the downside, that means earthworms won’t have a home.

All you need are a quartet of AA batteries, some water when required, and hopefully the plant inside will start to grow well enough without dying on you. With a status light to guide you (Green = ok, Blue = needs water, Red = replace batteries) on what to do, you won’t go wrong with the Click and Grow.

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