U.S. Presidents Talking Game


Presidents talk, and they talk a lot. What we’re more interested in is whether they walk their talk or not (and this does not apply to just presidents but everyone else whom we are in contact with regardless of social order), but today, we won’t be reviewing just what our presidents have done. No sir, this particular game will help us remember interesting details about each president’s life, and coming in the form of the $39.95 U.S. Presidents Talking Game, this is one interactive learning experience that the kids would definitely love (and the adults can learn a thing or two from it).

Being highly portable, the tablet comes with 44 buttons – one for each president, alongside a quartet of game settings. Under the “Fun Facts” mode, you will be able to explore notable details about each leader, ranging from Roosevelt’s leadership through World War II and the Great Depression all the way to a more peaceful time, which includes Reagan’s status as “The Great Communicator.”

The game also includes settings to help you remember birth dates, vice presidents, and first ladies for each president, and if any of the information is wrong, you can point fingers at the Encyclopedia Britannica’s student edition. What’s the point of remembering all that if there is no test? This is where the “Quiz” button comes in handy, testing childrens’ memories about what they have just learned. Make sure you have a couple of AA batteries handy just in case it runs out of juice.

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