BAE Systems creates Adaptiv armor systems to turn objects invisible on infrared

by Mark R

If you look closely at the tank in this image, you will notice that it is covered with hexagonal-sectioned armor. The purpose of this honeycomb armor is that they dynamically adjust their heat emissions.

This is BAE Systems Adaptiv armor system that allows vehicles to disguise themselves from infrared scanners. I’m sure you have seen how infrared cameras are used to see in the dark, as objects with heat look lighter than their cooler surroundings.

The Adaptiv armor is able to disguise by making a tank or other vehicle look like something less threatening like an animal. It does this by adjusting the temperature pixels on its shell. It can even make a tank disappear, and you can see (or not see) it for yourself if you click on the Source link.

Granted, this technology won’t do much good during the daylight, but at night, when infrared is the only way to see, you might as well be using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

Yes, this is perfect camouflage, until someone invents a way to detect Adaptiv’s armor. Hey, whoever can perfect this Adaptiv effect first on their helicopters and tanks have a clear advantage in war. In other words, the side with these hexagonal tiles will be as safe as the Honeycomb Hideout. Some of you might not understand that reference.


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