Tidy Ruler for the super neat


There are many different kinds of people in this world with various personalities, and all of us do things in our very own quirky way (which we deem as ‘normal’, of course). Well, some of us are extremely tidy, and would love to have everything in its proper place, being incapable of standing just a bit of a mess, while others feel that being more ‘random’ (that’s a nice way of calling it ‘a mess’) is the way to go. Well, for those who are extremely tidy, you might want to check out the $11.99 Tidy Ruler.

This rather interesting piece of stationary will feature a built-in hand-cranked pencil sharpener as well as a place for you to stash away your pencil in the ruler itself when you do not need it. Made out of beautiful, sturdy rosewood, this is one modern piece of school stationary that is old school in nature. Perfect for any math class that you have enrolled your little one in, that’s for sure.

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