Maze Racer tickles the mind


There is nothing quite like a brain teaser to get the good ol’ grey matter going, especially when you are in the middle of the work week and need to look towards other sources of inspiration if you happen to hit a road block mentally at the office. Why not take five with the $19.99 Maze Racer? Of course, this is actually meant for small kids, but at least you can get rid some of that pre-road rage out of your system before you actually get behind the wheel.

Your little one, whether a boy or a girl, would most probably want to get behind the wheel when dad or mom is not around, never mind that their legs can’t even touch the pedals when they’re seated right out in front. With the Maze Racer, they will be able to wreck their brains trying to find a way to guide the trapped marble out of the fiendishly difficult maze. You will need to go through a bunch of twists, turns, loops, and drops with techno music blaring in the background while the timer makes its way to the finish line.

Best of all is, the Maze Racer will log your best time so that others will always attempt to challenge your high score.

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