Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount


Golfers have a far wider array of tools (or toys, depending on your point of view) to play with these days whenever they are on the green, so it isn’t only toting around a bag of clubs now. The Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount is one accessory that you might want to consider if you own a piece of golf GPS equipment – either that, or you want your smartphone to be with you in a place where it can be conveniently accessed without having to put your gloved hand into your pocket all too often.

The Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount basically boasts of an extremely versatile design, where you can position it on the carts window, dash or any other flat surface in both portrait and landscape modes. There is a powerful suction mount that boasts of a patented, adhesive-free grip technology which claims it can hold it firmly in place without leaving any sticky residue behind which can be quite a chore to remove – although through my experience, suction mounts, like governments, will fail sooner or later. Let us hope that Bracketron is able to live up to its side of the bargain.

The mount itself will deliver a secure and easily accessible holder which will be able to snuggle up with most smartphones out there in the market, in addition to popular golf GPS/range finders such as the Callaway uPro and Garmin Approach. If you’re interested, the Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount can be yours for a mere $34.95 – chump change when you consider the entire amount of money that you’ve spent on golf and its accessories all the years.

Some of the features include :-

  • Powerful suction mount with patented, adhesive-free technology
  • Holds your mobile device with or without case
  • Pivots and rotates for multiple viewing angles
  • Portable design means that the mount can be stored in your bag when not in use
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Fits most handheld golf GPS and smartphones

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