Personal Towel Warmer


You know on some airplanes, the flight attendants do hand to you a nice, hot towel for you to refresh yourself before the flight takes off. Well, you might not be a jet setter who spends more time on flights than back home, but that doesn’t mean you are exempt from experiencing a similar treatment. This time round, you will need to take the DIY route though, as Hammacher brings you the $79.95 Personal Towel Warmer.

Yes sir, this warming bin is capable of heating a couple of bath towels in just eight minutes, giving you access to spa-like comfort right smack in the middle of your own home. It will gently heat the towels to a soothing 135 F, while ensuring that the temperature is maintained for up to 20 minutes so that you will always have a nice, warm towel available right after your refreshing shower.

This Personal Towel Warmer takes up very little space – like that of a small garbage can, in fact, where it will get to work the moment the lid is closed and you press the button. Towels aren’t the only thing it keeps warm, it will also heat up bathrobes, blankets, or other reasonably-sized clothing.

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