Flip Clock Wristwatch


Most of us do not really need a watch these days, as chances are our phones will be the primary means of telling the time. Having said that, the watch industry isn’t exactly down in the doldrums, as it still makes anyone look really smart wearing one, and the really expensive ones tend to appreciate in value as time passes by like a precious family heirloom.

The $199.95 Flip Clock Wristwatch, unfortunately, isn’t decked out in jewels, but it does work in a rather clever manner. For starters, this timepiece will employ the mechanical rotation of 23 tiny two-sided rotors in order to give you the illusion of a digital display. Inspired by the classic flip-disc displays that are seen in buses and trains of yore, there will be one side of each rotor which holds a number of Swarovski crystals to match the watchface.

When activated by an electromagnetic field, the rotors will flip 180, taking less than 10 milliseconds to do so, helping contrast the crystals so that they can form easily recognizable digital numerals for you to tell the time with a quick glance. Nice to know the Flip Clock Wristwatch comes with a lifetime warranty.

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