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The iPhone is one smart device that has its fair share of apps which many folks think it can do just about anything, but what about helping save the earth from the threat of an alien invasion? Sure, we have seen such a scenario unfold many times over in the past on the silver screen, but when you think about it in terms of a mobile perspective, this is where the 19.99 AppToyz Blaster comes in handy.

After all, surely even Steve Jobs would not have envisioned that his iPhone would have ended up as a crosshair cum monitor device that could be fitted onto an alien-blasting rifle. The awesome AppToyz Blaster reverses that trend, and will definitely result in one immersive augmented reality environment, as long as you have an iPhone 3GS or better.

In some ways, those who have played Time Crisis or Virtua Cop in the arcades would have an easier time learning how to best use the AppToyz Blaster, as you can ‘reload’ the rifle simply by tilting it backwards – but do it quickly because aliens are crawling all over the place and they can’t wait to bury you under a hail of gunfire. Angry what? AppToyz Blaster is in!

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