USB Body Scales for the geek in you


Keeping watch over your weight a good seven months after your New Year’s resolution in the eternal fight against the flab? Fret not, you have plenty of assistance in the form of nutritious meal replacement sachets, not to mention getting the right kind of tools to assist you in taking down details of your battle. For the inner geek, there is the USB Body Scales – and the name says it all.

Currently available for pre-order at 59.99 a pop (it will start to ship from August 11th onwards), this gizmo will get to work by measuring your essentials such as weight, body fat percentage and muscle tissue. Since the scale itself sports internal memory of its own, you need not look for scraps of paper to write down the daily statistics, as you can easily transfer all that information to a plugged in USB flash drive (not included, so use your own) in a jiffy.

Each USB Body Scale comes with the ION Healthsuite software so that you can check out your detailed readings in an easy-to-understand format, and it can even help you set goals for yourself.

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